About Us

Mike Boudet

Universe of Luxury is luxury blog & audio show dedicated to bringing you news on all the latest high end products for the distinguished and discriminating consumer.  From tech toys to yachts, from high end resorts to the latest 5 star restaurants, join us as we take a ride through the Universe of Luxury.

The show was concieved in February of 2008 and hosted by Mike Boudet.  The very first episode was released on February 11th, 2008 and was based around the theme of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the rich and featured a top 10 most expensive Valentine’s Day gift list.  This themed episode will certainly not be the last, and plans for the show include travel guides for various metropolitan cities including Las Vegas, Miami and New York.

The Universe of Luxury podcast was originally a weekly show, but has since developed a more liberal schedule.  The Universe of Luxury blog, on the other hand is frequently updated as much as several times a day and remains one of the best sources to find out about new luxury goods and services available around the globe.

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