Universe of Luxury Officially Launches!

Universe of Luxury Officially Launches!

The site officially launches today!  Don’t believe us?  Read the press release…

(Miami, FL) April 4, 2008 – Universe of Luxury Podcast Launches with an Outlandish Collection of Ridiculously Expensive Items.

Free Universe of Luxury Podcast Covering Wildly Opulent Items Now Available for Immediate Download.

A new podcast, which would make Robin Leech proud, has officially launched today.  Universe of Luxury is a weekly podcast which averages about 20 minutes in length and covers some of the most outlandish and extravagant products ever made.

“I’ve always been fascinated by wealth,” said Mike Boudet, host and creator of the show.  “It is fascinating to me that even during a recession, and people losing their homes, somebody out there is going out and buying a $176,400 diamond-encrusted iPhone.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have that kind of money.  I’m just not so sure I’d spend it on some of the items we cover in the show.” 

Universe of Luxury is freely available through the Apple iTunes music service, or can be  downloaded directly from the Universe of Luxury website at http://universeofluxury.com.  Six episodes are already available for immediate download, including a special 40-minute Las Vegas episode that highlights the opulent offerings of that city.

“The show is really targeted towards the average consumer,” continues Boudet.  “Just because you can’t afford to buy a gold-plated juicer or gem-covered Rubix Cube doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to hear about.”

To compliment the podcast, the Universe of Luxury website (http://universeofluxury.com) features a blog format that highlights several additional products every week.  Both the website and blog are freely available for use.  To obtain more information about Universe of Luxury email press@universeofluxury.com or visit http://universeofluxury.com.

About Universe of Luxury

Universe of Luxury is a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you news on all the latest high end products for the distinguished and discriminating consumer.  From tech toys to yachts, from high end resorts to the latest 5 star restaurants, Universe of Luxury is the authority on the extravagant.  The Universe of Luxury website featured free news and information about the latest products and services for the super-rich.

Universe of Luxury, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Miami, FL. If you would like to find out more about Universe of Luxury contact press@universeofluxury.com

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