Most Expensive Body Cream

Most Expensive Body Cream

Women these days take their beauty products very seriously and are willing to spend their hard earned money to get nothing bu the best.  Asian cosmetics manufacturer Kanebo has provided them with one of the best and most expensive skin creams ever made.

Simply called “The Cream“, and packaged in quite a fancy attractive container, this product promises to reduce the signs of aging and revitalize your skin in no time.  The Cream uses some of the most valuable Asian ingredients such as precious Koishimaru silk extracts to moisturize the deepest layers of the skin, saffron oil to help dermal healing, and its Moon Flower fragrance to soothe the soul.

The Cream also Promises to restore vitality and produces firmer skin within four weeks of use.  Not sure if that really happens, but you can be sure this product will leave your skin velvety smooth, luminous & youthful.  The cost?  Approximately $620 for a 1.4 oz container.

More info: World’s Luxury Guide


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