Most Expensive Lipstick

Most Expensive Lipstick

Lipstick has never been as sexy as it is now with Guerlain’s ridiculously extravagant creation Kiss Kiss Or & Diamonds.

This lipstick is more jewelry than makeup. It comes in a yellow-gold case with 199 embedded diamonds. Hand crafted by a French goldsmith, Kiss Kiss Or & Diamonds is the ultimate in makeup luxury. The glistening case that sparkles with diamonds can carry 15 lipstick colors, but if your preferred shade is not among them no need to worry. If you buy one, Guerlain’s creative director Olivier Echaudemaison will create the custom shade for you.

You can also have it personalized with a custom engraving, or add other precious stones. You can even replace the yellow-gold case with a white or reg gold model. For 45,000 Euros, you can pretty much have it your way, but you will have to wait two months for delivery. This beautiful creation is available in both Bergdorf Goodman in New York as well as Maisons Guerlain in Paris.

More info: World’s Luxury Guide

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