Most Expensive Nail Polish

Next time you go for manicure and pedicure and want to feel really glamorous, ask them if they have this color.

Last time I went to the store to buy nail polish I remember seeing a bottle for I think it was something like $12.99 and thinking it was expensive. I guess I didn’t know what expensive was, apparently that was a pretty reasonable price. This bottle you see here goes for $250.00. This is just sheer nail polish. Why is it so special? The platinum dust you find inside it. This nail polish is a collaboration by Allure magazine, platinum supplier Johnson Matthey, PGI and Essie Cosmetics, and is actually quite popular. It is referred to as the “I do” nail polish. Not sure why, but I can assume that maybe it’s because brides want to wear this extra special polish on that special day. The first bottle was displayed in a bottle with a platinum top and valued at $55,000.