Most Expensive Shampoo

Most Expensive Shampoo

Being beautiful is not cheap.  But even if you’re worth it, like Cybil Sheppard was in the 80’s, it maybe difficult to justify spending $60 on this bottle of shampoo…

Made with rare and exotic ingredients like African cacao extract, caviar age-control complex, white truffle oil, Champagne grape seed oil, Bulgarian Evening Primrose, and Arabian Frankincense, the Alterna hair care product line raise the bar and cost of beauty products to a whole new level. 

Alterna features five different product lines: Hemp, Caviar, Life, Luxury, & Ten.  Each features a combination of different ingredients to fit your hair’s own particular needs.  The most luxurious of these product lines is Ten, and an 8.5 ounce bottle of AlternaTEN Shampoo will run you about $60.  The matching conditioner is also $60.

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