Most Expensive Suit

Most Expensive Suit

Fashion designer Alexander Amosu is making the world’s most expensive suit.  Named after himself, the “Alexander Amosu” could be yours for just $100,000.

Each suit will be a one-off creation made from gold and platinum threads, the rarest silks and a blend of Himalayan Pashmina, Qiviuk and Vicuna. And, to complete the garment, nine 18-carat gold and pave set diamond buttons will be sewn into place.

The triple-figure price tag includes hyperbolic levels of customer service: Alexander and his tailors will travel to clients anywhere in the world to take measurements and fit the suits.  The suit is being produced in collaboration with Dormeuil, purveyors of the world’s finest fabrics.  The suit will be made of more than 5,000 individual stitches painstakingly woven over no less than 80 hours.

The custom-made garments is available now for both men and women.  Rumors suggest that the first suit has already been purchased.

More info: Luxury Vox
Source: ABC News

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