Apple 3G iPhone

Apple 3G iPhone

We’ve covered a lot of high end luxury phones on the Universe of Luxury, some more extravagant than others.  But with a price tag of over $399, Apple’s highly anticipated upcoming 3G version of the already highly popular iPhone certainly falls into the category of luxury phones.

Rumors have been circulating for months about the release of the upcoming Apple 3G iPhone.  What kind of features will it have?  Will there be an upgrade path for current iPhone users?  Will it have magical properties? 

Many believe Apple will release it new blackberry-killer at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference taking place in San Fransisco June 9-13th.  Reduced inventory of current iPhone models at Apple retail stores has caused further speculation that the new 3G model is well on its way.

But is this new device worth all the hype?  Here’s what most think the new phone will include:

  • 3G – True broadband in your pocket.  This will change everything.
  • Screen size – Some suggest the new 3G iPhone will have a slighly bigger display with higher resolution.
  • Camera – Some suggest the new iPhone will sport a higher resolution digital camera allowing at least 3, if not 4 megapixels, and a somewhat improved lens.
  • True GPS – Although the iPhone’s faux GPS feature is pretty cool, but knowing exactly where you are instead of what neighborhood you’re in will be a big improvement.
  • Radio – Zune players have them, why wouldn’t the most popular music player in the world sport one too?
  • Size – Although some suggest the new iPhone will have to be bigger to support 3G and GPS, Apple won’t be satisfied with a bulky device.  Most Apple fans agree that the new iPhone will probably be slimmer than the current model.
  • More Memory – iPhone’s currently come in 8 and 16mb models, the new 3G phones will probably start at 16mb and go up to 32mb (or maybe even 64mb), with a matching higher price to go with it.

If you’ve been sitting out on the whole Apple iPhone craze and want to get in but can’t see yourself spending almost $400 of a phone, listen up.  The current EDGE network Apple iPhones will get a $100 price drop once the 3G phones are released.  But who will want those old clunkers then, when the slick shiny new models are out?

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