Automated Touchscreen Poker Table

Automated Touchscreen Poker Table

Don’t feel like flying out to vegas for a couple of rounds of poker?  Now you can install a poker table in your home that comes with its own dealer.

The X10 Ten Player Automated Poker Table is a computerized full size 10-person poker table.  Each seat has one of ten 12.1-inch touchscreens for the players and a 27-inch LCD in the center of the table that handles community cards and chip amounts for the entire table.

The table comes pre-configured with blackjack and Texas Hold Em’ and can deal up to 50 hands in an hour.  It can also be configured to play both hands simultaneously, so you don’t need cards, chips or a dealer.

The table retails for around $30,000, but invite 10 of your friends over every week for a couple of weeks and it will pay for itself.

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