Gold Plated Brick Phone

Gold Plated Brick Phone

We occasionally see some pretty weird luxury items here at Universe of Luxury, but this one really blew us away. Remember the old school “brick phone” from the 80’s? Well, someone decided to gold-plate it and sell it as a luxury item.

Stuart Hughes of Liverpool U.K., in cooperation with Privé International, has created a refurbished retro Privé Phone. It comes decorated by 76 diamonds IF flawless 23ct , 22ct solid gold circa 900 grams.

Of course, the rich are a little spoiled so the Gold Plated Brick Phone is bristling with the latest technology WAP, Text SMS, COLOUR SCREEN.

Privé Phone will have a limited edition of just 10. The phone will come with a Privé-Stuart Hughes Design Box made from granite, individually numbered from 1-10, Including a personal membership card to Privé. Price: £139,995.

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