Intelligent Credit Card

Intelligent Credit Card

There are few these days who can spend without worrying about the amount. Even high end consumers are being a lot more frugal these days in the midst of all the worldwide economic turmoil. Now a credit card may be able to help you keep your spending under control.

The Live Checking Card is a concept design by Jin-young Yoon, Wook-sun Oh, Young-ho Lee & Jun-kyo Lee which allows consumers to see the balance of their account right on the face of the credit card. Instead of being a dumb piece of plastic, this credit card uses an E-ink display to show you your payment history and bank account transactions through RFID. The display, which consists of the entire surface area of the card would show you your remaining balance immediately after a purchase so you can avoid those annoying back fees if you happen to get a little crazy with the shopping.

Another cool feature is that the edge of the card turns blue whenever you pass your spending limit. Why it wouldn’t turn red instead is beyond me, but this is definitely a useful feature no matter the color. The card would use solar power, so no batteries are needed, and since it’s intelligent it would last much longer than a typical credit card (making it environmentally friendly.)

It is unclear whether any banks are looking to adopt this concept or whether smartphones will eventually replace credit cards instead.


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