Olive OPUS No. 4 Music Server

Olive OPUS No. 4 Music Server

Tired of those annoyingly tacky CD racks? Tired of jewel cases, and scratched discs, and not finding what you’re looking for? Now you can discard your CD collection entirely, or put it into storage at least.

The Olive OPUS Nº4 Music Server gived you the freedom to store your entire music collection in one box and stream it wirelessly throughout your entire home. With enough hard drive space to store 3,000 CDs, the OPUS Nº4 will keep your tunes readily available and instantly organized. The OPUS Nº4 even connects to your Apple iPod so that you can play tunes on your portable device through your OPUS player.

The 94khz/24bit digital to analog converter will give you better than CD sound quality, and the high-resolution color touchscreen makes finding the right tune a breeze. You can even get about 100 CDs preloaded for you by the company!

You can preorder your Olive OPUS Nº4 for between $1,499 and $1,799 depending on hard-drive size.

More info: TechDigest.tv
Where to buy: Olive.us

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