$100 Bottled Water

$100 Bottled Water

This one really goes beyond my idea of luxury seeing as how this comodity is generaly freely available to the masses.  From Japan comes the most expensive water in the world.

Fillico Beverly Hills, a brand ironically enough made by a company in Osaka, Japan, is the world’s most expensive water.  At $100 per bottle, this beautifully designed frosted glass with gold paint and Swarovski crystal embedded bottle can be yours filled with the liquid of life, H2o!

 As if the racket that Evian and Zephyrhills have going isn’t bad enough, you also have the option of paying $200 per bottle to get the same water bottle with with gold wings and/or a gold or silver crown (shown is a set of “King and Queen”).  Despite the name, this is Japanese water, not California water.  Hmmmm, who has better tap standards?

More Info: pricy-spicy.com

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