$5,000 Burger

$5,000 Burger

Are you willing to part with $5,000 for one, though? Renowned chef Hubert Keller thinks you might be. His FleurBurger 5000 is available at Fleur de Lys, a traditional French restaurant located in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. They’ll even mail a certificate to your home just to prove that you ate the world’s most expensive hamburger.

So how do you rationalize a five grand price tag for a hamburger? Well, you could start with the fact that the burger itself is made of Kobe beef. You could, then, move on to the foie gras—that’s duck or goose liver—and black truffles with which the burger is topped. You could even point out that the hamburger is served on a brioche truffle bun and is garnished with a sauce containing even more truffles. Then again, it could be the bottle of Chateau Pétrus 1990 and Ichendorf Brunello stemware, specially imported from Italy, which you get to take home. Yeah, that might be it.

Of course, if you actually want the world’s most expensive burger, rather than the most expensive burger-and-wine combo, then you may have to look elsewhere. The Fleurburger can be ordered by itself for a mere $75.

More info: http://most-expensive.net/

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