Almas Caviar – The World’s Best Caviar

Almas Caviar – The World’s Best Caviar

Who could have guessed that the goose who lays golden eggs was actually a fish?

Almas is the Russian word for diamonds.  How appropriate that Almas Caviar should be in the same price range.  A 1 kilogram tin of these Iranian fish eggs will cost you a stagaring £25,000 or $49,800!

Unlike traditional Beluga caviars, Almas Caviar is white in appearance.  That is because these eggs come from a 100 year old albino Sturgeon from the Caspian Sea.  Supposedly, the lighter the color of Beluga Caviar the older is the fish and the more elegant and exquisite is the flavor.

The caviar comes packaged in an attractive 24K gold tin and can only be purchased from Caviar House & Prunier in London’s Picadilly, which is also where you can get Britain’s most expensive meal.

  • azadeh

    Almas is not a Russian word for daymond .It is Persian (Farsi)
    and as you see in picture Almas caviar is Iranian Caviar.
    Almas caviar comes from Iran making it extremely rare and extremely expensive.

  • Troy

    Thank you azadeh. Yes indeed ‘almas’ is a Farsi (Iran’s native tongue) meaning ‘diamond’. Also it makes sense that a caviar this expensive and special should be from Iran as Iranian caviar has for decades if not centuries been known for producing the best caviar in the world. to the admin: please try to either make sure you are sure of something before you say it or simply don’t say anything in the future, don’t be one of the many ignorant people on the web!