Luxury Ice

Luxury Ice

If you can afford luxurious items, why not start with thinks you consume like food and drink? One of the latest coolest trends is perfectly spherical ice cubes for cocktails.

Already several campanies sell ice trays and ice makers for these distinct and eye-catching cubes. However, why bother with all the trouble of making your own ice when someone else can do it for you and have it delivered straight to your home?

That’s right, now you can order perfectly shaped, clear cubes of pristine ice from a California company called Glace. The cubes come in either a 2.5″ sphere or cubes.

Purified of minerals, additives and other pollutants that may contaminate the taste of premium liquors and drinks, the Gl├Ące Luxury Ice Mariko sphere is meticulously crafted to deliver and embody the finest accessory for top shelf drinks. Each five pieces are elegantly contained in a re-sealable pouch equipped with a one-way air check valve to ensure freshness.

Each ice ball or cube is approximately $40.

Manufacturer: Glace

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