Michel Richard Citronelle

Michel Richard Citronelle

Want to take that special someone out for a delicious meal in a restaurant tht’s fit for presidents?  Try Michel Richard’s Citronelle in downtown Washington DC in which president Obama recently took his wife Michelle for a specially prepared presidential meal.

The Obama’s recently dined at Citronelle, a restaurant by the world famous chef Michel Richard.  Richard’s career as a restauranteur dates back to 1977 when he first opened his own French bakery in Los Angeles to immediate success.  In 1987 he opened the French restaurant Citrus, which was voted The Best Restaurant in the United States by Traveler’s magazine in 1987.

This past weekend chef Michel Richard had the opportunity to serve arguably the most powerful man in the world: the president of the United States.  Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama dined at Michel Richard Citronelle, located in Georgetown.  The NY Times reports that a special meal was prepared for the Obamas. The couple made it an early night, heading back to the White House to catch a Bulls game.

The restuarant features its famous “egg surprise” which is actually made from scallops and is one of the restaurants more popular choices. However, Trip Advisor lists Citronelle as the third most popular restaurant in Washington DC and the reviews range from the raves to a small number of pans that say that the restaurant is overhyped and overpriced.

More info: http://www.citronelledc.com/

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