Most Expensive Espresso Machine

Most Expensive Espresso Machine

Have you always wanted your own espresso machine that can whip up a hot latte in seconds?  If you have several thousands of dollars to spare, you’re in luck!

Tired of having to drive all the way down to Starbucks everytime you want to enjoy your favorite beverage?  Now you don’t have to.  For between $10,000 to $40,000 you can purchase one of several models of the most expensive coffee machine in the world.  A company called Concordia Coffee Systems in Bellevue is making the world’s most expensive espresso machine which can dispense up to 165 varieties of espresso drinks and chai lattes.  This replaces the need for having separate coffee brewers, hot chocolate, hot water and milk dispensers and syrups.  The machine accepts cash and debit cards and comes with a phone for customers who need help.

“We don’t draw a leaf in the foam and dust it with chocolate,” said David Isett, who is the CEO for Concordia Coffee Systems.

The company has already sold 1,000 of these machines worldwide, including about 100 to Seattle’s Best.

More info: Concordia Coffee Systems

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