Rarest Crafted Whisky Launch

Royal Salute has been known for their history of paying tribute to nobility and leadership, with the launch of Triubute to Honour they are doing that again, by paying homeage to the oldest crown jewels of the British Isles, The Honours of Scotland.

Tribute to Honour marks a historical success in whisky making. Only the world’s most exquisite, precious, and scarce whiskies were used in the process of making this whisky. They were carefully selected from the Royal Salute Vault of Strathisla. Master Blender Colin Scott, created this whisky, and only 21 bottles of the whisky will be launched to mark Scott’s 21st anniversary of his expertise in blending. The whisky is presented in a bejeweled bottle created by jeweller Gerard with flawless diamonds and shimmering gold. Gerard is the world’s oldest jeweller to royalty, Gerard has embellished the hand crafted and perfects black porcelain, with 413 white and black diamonds. Some of the jewels are in the shape of the Sword of State, one of the trilogy og treasures that are The Honours of Scotland. The collar has been adorned with gold and silver along with 22 carats of gemstones. The diamond encrusted sword has lions sitting on either side, the sword is a symbol of valiancy, and patriotism, of battles fought and won. Each bottle has been adorned by hand, by Gerard craftsman. The whisky will be available to purchase on September 2011, for $200,000. Each bottle has been individually numbered, one bottle will be kepts in the Royal Salute Vault.