Vallure Vodka Super Premium Vodka

Vallure Vodka Super Premium Vodka

Even beverages can be luxurious, especially adult beverages such as vodka which has been in vogue for several decades in the US. Vallure Vodka Super Premium Vodka offers a new taste to discriminating taste buds.

Vallure claims that its beverage is well defined and is highly demanded by people who choose the exceptional things in life, venturing to define modern luxury in the spirits industry by breaking barriers and setting new standards. Setting its sites on trying to achieve the reputation of Hublot and Bugatti, Vallure Vodka Super Premium Vodka is priced more as a mid-level premium vodka so that it can be accessible to a wider audience.

The Vallure distillery is over one hundred years old and its proven formula was provided for the Czsar family of Russia. Vallure is made from the highest grade of German winter wheat and is produced from a unique, age-old recipe. The vodka is subjected to the highest level multi-distillation process following by our genuine triple gold-filtering process, giving Vallure an unmatched smoothness and purity.

It is presented in a luxury, designer bottle that is cased in 24 karat gold. Once a bottle is plated, tested, and approved, it is finished with a metal stamp on the bottom of the bottle, which contains a serial number indicating its batch of Vallure Vodka. While the stamp makes every bottle a collector’s item, wheat crops differ year to year and some bottles will hold greater value.

The final step in developing and designing Vallure was the exterior packaging. The bottle is accompanied by a two-part, black shell packaging and is showcased in a red velvet interior, a design greatly influenced by the last two centuries of aristocratic Eastern Europe. To finalize the customer experience, they developed a customer booklet. The booklet contains company information and a stamped date. It can also be kept as a collector’s item.

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