Football Table with Style

Football Table with Style

Most of us would agree that a luxury home is not complete without the luxury play room. The amount of effort that is used to design the elegant lounge, the softening bedrooms and the historic library room, should be applied when creating the games room that every man would envy and every woman would accept. It has often been said that a house without books is a like a room without window. Today, one could say that a games room without a football table is like a swimming pool without water.

Liberty games have managed to offer a range of football tables to meet all needs. The Gorbeia home football table is simple elegant design that would compliment wonderfully within a traditional luxurious game room. With a solid oak build and handcrafted football players it fits perfectly into the unique, elegant Regent home.

If you are looking for the magnificent, astounding factor, that will turn heads when shown to the games room then the Bonzini Pieds Tournes Football table is the ultimate in football table style.

The Pied Tournes is an original French table with a beautiful cherry wood stain finish with tourned legs in a Louis Philippe style. This table oozes quality, style and playability which will provide the games room with a style and class.

If the elegant style of the handcrafted players and the cherry wood finish is just not meeting your expectations of what a games room should be, then the retro root is the root to go. If you are looking for that room that is going to take you back to your classic school days, then definitely the Bonzini cool Britannia football table is the retro look. Still holding its luxurious quality with the hand painted finish, its clear red and blue stripes and striking black legs sets the trend of the games room.

A games room needs to be thought about before piling the unnecessary ‘boy’s toys’ and filling all the available space. It’s a slow thoughtful process to ensure that not only does it work perfectly as a functional games room but it also promotes the style of the house. There is either the full elegant, splendid style or complete retro style. Which ever style you decide Liberty Games has the quality, class and excellence that will meet all these needs.

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Article provided by Stuart Kerr, from Liberty Games

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