Dual Zone Wine Cellars

Dual Zone Wine Cellars

You don’t have to have an actual cellar to have a perfect wine cellar.  You can enjoy temperature controlled perfection with the Dual Zone Wine Cellar by Marvel. 

The Model 6SDZE from the new generation of Chateau Collection keeps your precious collection for fine vinyard delights perfectly preserved.  Featuring discreetly located digital touch controls with elegant blue LED displays, these refrigerated beauties will monitor your wine collection’s temperature and alarm you if anything goes wrong.  With the ability to detect whether the temperature falls outside optimal perameters due to power failures or leaving the front door ajar, this wine cellar will buy you piece of mind when storing some of your finest bottles.

Not only is the Marvel Dual Zone Wine Cellar smart, but it is also beautiful.  With a clean contemporary style, this cellar can hold up to 44 bottles with 24 in upper zone and 20 in lower zone.  Glide-out wine racks hold all bottle shapes and fully extend at 90° door opening. The dual-pane tinted glass door protects wine from harmful UV light.

More info: BornRich.org
Where to buy: LifeLuxuryMarvel.com

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