Most Expensive Home for 2011

Lately the prices of homes are falling and a lot of people are losing their homes so it’s hard to imagine that the most expesnive home for 2011 sold for $100 million.

When I hear about such and exponential about of money for a home it makes me sick. It makes me wonder how can someone afford a $100 million dollar home? I feel even worse when I find out that this home for $100 million isn’t even the owner’s primary residence, but rather a vacation home. I wonder how many of the $100 million dollar homes this person owns aroudn the world. I bet you’re wondering who this lucky person is that has all this money to buy numerous homes. His name is Yuri Milner and he is a Russian billionaire venture capitalist, and he purchased the home back in March.

The home is the Loire Chateau and is located in Silicon Valley, in Palo Alto. The size is a 25,000 square foot residence that was built on 18 acres of land. It is surrounded by panaramic Bay views. According to architect William Hablinski, the home got it’s inspiration from and 18th century French chateau, which is what it was made to look like. The home includes a towering front façade along with a central entry courtyard with three formal entrances. The home had two wings, in one there is a formal dining room, grand ballroom, theater, wine cellar, spa and gym. In the other you have family rooms, bedroom suites and living areas.