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Movable Swimming Pool Floors

Now you see it.  Now you don’t.  How amazingly cool would it be to push a button and have the floor drop down and in its place have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool appear right before your eyes? 

UK company PoolTech makes this dream a reality with their amazing movable swimming pool floors

Movable swimming pool floors have made it possible to maximise the use of your swimming pool with variable depth and also use the space taken up by the swimming pool for other purposes…which works great when you have limited space in an urban setting, for example.  Thanks to this technology you can adapt your living space to whatever activity you have in mind. 

As if within a scene from the Jetsons, a touch of a button adjusts an entire pool floor to any water depth or levels the floor to conceal the pool and serve as a dry deck.

Based on your requirements, Technology Pools can engineer a movable swimming pool floor system for a new pool project or retrofit an existing facility that can turn an outdoor pool into a parking space all at the press of a button.  Just make sure to move the car before pressing the button again…

More info: MyUrbanGardenDecoGuide.com
Where to buy: PoolTech.co.uk

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