Oikos Sistematica Kitchen System

Oikos Sistematica Kitchen System

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to rearrange your kitchen.  No, seriously…

Oikos Sistematica Kitchen

For a long time custom built kitchens were all the rage, but these days modularity is where it’s at.  Being able to take modular components and rearrange your kitchen in whatever fashion you desire is the certainly very appealing.  The Oikos Sistematica Kitchen lets you do just that with a series of functional and beautifully designed islands.  The gorgeous free-standing elements can be combined and modified to suit your ever changing needs.

Made with warm natural cherry wood and an aluminum structure, the Oikos Sistematica Kitchen system brings beautiful Italian design to the modern kitchen.

More info: BornRich.org
Where to buy: Oikoscucine.it

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