Remmus Luxury Sun-Tracking Chair

Remmus Luxury Sun-Tracking Chair

If you’re one of the super rich sunning on your multi-million-dollar yacht, you don’t turn every time that pesky life-giving fireball orb in the sky decides to move a few inches.  You’ve got people for that.  Just get some of your trusty servant and deck hand Pedro to adjust your seat so that you’re absorbing those delicious cancer causing-rays at just the correct angle again.  However, thanks to the Scandanavian design firm Remmus, you can now tell Pedro to take a hike (or a swim) and let technology take over the hard work of pampering for you.

The Remmus Luxury Sun-Tracking Chair, which costs a cool $45,000, makes tracking the sun a breeze, from your 15 million dollar superyacht.  Made by Finish designer Tapio Anttila, this seat is said to offer an “incomparable sunbathing experience.”  Yes, that’s correct, the lounger automatically tracks the sun for you in a 360 degree rotation, so you don’t have to even move!!!

If you start getting a little too warmish, the lounger will spritz you with cooling water sprays. It will inevitably get dark, but you’ll be so comfortable you won’t want to move, so Remmus turns on some ambient LED lights to keep you company. There is an adjustable powered back rest and a Bluetooth sound system with marine-grade speakers to deliver your favorite tunes while you relax and nibble on caviar served on a slice of white truffle.  A waterproof safe locker allows you to store valuables (so the “help” can’t get to them).  A cooler box keeps your sodas cold. Of course, there’s a wireless charging station to juice your smartphone, but the handiest feature of all is the built-in service button designed to call a waiter over to refresh your cocktail. The whole contraption weighs nearly 200 pounds, but I’m sure you can hire someone to move it around for you if you wish.

You will of course need two of them, but what’s a hundred grand in the grand scheme of things?

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