Savoir Beds

Savoir Beds

Since one third of our lives are spent in bed, it seems only rational that when choosing a bed to sleep in, we should choose it with thesame precaution we use when choosing what class to sleep in when we fly. A bed should be selected with much thought since it is considered a top commodity in one’s life.

Over 100 years ago, Richard D’Oyly Carte opened London’s Savoy Hotel as a superlative of luxury, as he served Europe’s finest. D’Olyly soon realized that there was no bed to match the other magnificent aesthetics of the hotel. His dream of making a perfect hotel needed to be complimented by a flawless, one of a kind bed. Since D’Olyly could not find a suitable bed anywhere, he decided he should make it to let the rest of the world embrace the exquisite comfort of the hotel in the convenience of one’s own household.  He found the most prominent upholsterers to create the “Savoy Bed,” which remained the exclusive property of the Savoy until Savoir Beds became independent in 1997.

Savoir Beds’ CEO Alistair Hughes over the past two years has made the beds boom by having showrooms burst onto the scene in major citiesincluding London, Paris, Berlin, Miami, and New York. The materials used are all natural, including the highest-quality wool and cotton, the softestMongolian cashmere, and the horsetail, ensuring the longest duration of refreshing REM sleep (as studies on the effects of animal fibers on sleep have shown).  The 30+ hours of labor and top notch materials that go into each Savoir Bed make their $8,000-$75,000 well worth it.

The high luxury brand has been purchased by the late Winston Churchill, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Sir Elton John, and Marilyn Monroe over the past 100+ years. There are four different types of beds that are available for purchase and able to be customized to fit each customer’s personal desire. Today the luxury beds come in a variety of styles, including the traditional original styles, #1, #2, #3 and # 4, the special order creations by top designers and the bright color collection that comes in Baby Blue, Lime Green, Mandarin Orange, Lemon Yellow and Barbie Pink. If you would like a certain stitch work that reproduces your favorite antique shape, a customized headboard, or even a iPod holder for your bed, all of these luxuries can be made to fill your desire with your ‘crème de la crème’ of Savoir bed.

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