The Porsche of Kitchens

The Porsche of Kitchens

Although they dominate the world of professional cooking, only lately is there a surge of men finding homes in the residential kitchen. And while some manufacturers court this emerging demographic by dressing up designs with integrated LCD screens and sleek audio systems, Poggenpohl focused on quality and a little name recognition.

The high end German kitchen manufacturer paired with luxury car maker Porsche to create a new kitchen concept geared towards male customers. Known for sleek designs, efficient technology and excellent quality, Porsche brought its renowned aesthetic to a modular, efficient, modern kitchen.

So what does a man want in a kitchen? The P’7340 features touch open cabinets, aluminum, glass and wood materials and an eye toward green design.  The fitted appliances are furnished by Miele and Cie. KG, and the sink’s outfitted with an exclusive Dornbracht faucet with black chrome finish. The wall mounted aluminum cabinet boxes have a cardboard honeycomb core that lightens the load and the  environmental impact. The back-colored glass comes in five colors and two finishes. The integrated ambient lighting puts diffused or precision lighting wherever the chef wants it.

This kitchen pushes function in a sleek, restrained package. Even the most tech-forward system in the room is balanced within the overall design. The built-in multimedia LCD module has been specially developed to bring moving pictures and sound to glass surfaces. With a titanium colored, anodised aluminium frame hidden in ultra-glossy back-painted glass, this entertainment module’s purist look boasts big tech advances. It can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen and its tiny sound system, plug-and-play capabilities and high quality visuals will wow when they’re supposed to and disappear when they’re not.

The new kitchen will be on display as a show kitchen and sold in Poggenpohl studios around the world as of spring 2008. It will be available in the USA around the summer of 2008.

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