Wind Turbine For Your Home

Wind Turbine For Your Home

Green is in, and you can show off your concern for the environment with this nifty wind turbine for your home.  It’s trendy and saves you money.  How can you go wrong?

Philippe Starck has been pretty busy designing stuff lately, considering just a few months ago he was proclaiming that “design is dead” and announcing his retirement. I guess the most creative minds have the most persuasive demons, and it seems Starck is trying to learn from his: after proclaiming that “everything he had ever designed was useless” he’s now on to designing something truly useful and trendy: a mini-turbine designed for people to use at home to generate their own wind power.

The mini-turbine is made of clear polycarbonate (the lack of color is apparently a statement about there being so much materiality in the world) and is capable of providing 20-60% of the power needs for the average home. It will be available this coming September with a price tag around $600.

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