72 Carat Diamond For Sale

72 Carat Diamond For Sale

In the market for a diamond?  Don’t miss next month’s Sotheby’s auction where the star is sure to be this 72.22 carat pear-shaped diamond…

Sotheby’s Hong Kong galleries will be auctioning off a 72.22-carat pear-shaped diamond on April 10th.  The internally flawless D-color gem is prized for its GIA-graded excellent polish and symmetry, but what is unique about this gem is its perfect pear shape which sets it apart from larger diamonds of its kind.  The diamond is expected to fetch a price of $10-30 million, and the buyer will have the right to name the gem.

The most expensive jewel sold at a Sotheby’s auction was the pear-shaped 100.10 carat Star of Season, brought $16.5 million in May 1995.

More info: NewsDay.com

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