Garvey Lundy Luxury Rings

Garvey Lundy Luxury Rings

Haitian-born Garvey Lundy came to the US in 1985 and made Brooklyn, New York his new home.  As a child, his vast imagination and artistic tendencies led him to explore painting, which won him an award from Thirteen/WNET New York Public Media.  In 1995, Garvey began an apprenticeship under a highly skilled Master Jeweler.  After developing his skills for well over a decade, Garvey Lundy has introduced his own line of luxury rings, each featuring Lundy’s original style.

Four rings, ranging from the Jezebel which is priced at $200,000 to the Alice which is priced at $105,000, these rings are stunning.  The Alice, which is my personal favorite features a very modern design which contains small diamonds, circling around a larger 3.0ct diamond, that mimic the glass windows of a Manhattan skyscraper.  The Camille resembles a queen’s crown with an 18kt yellow gold crown housing a 4.0ct diamond and adorned with several 1.0ct diamonds.

All pieces in the Lundy collection are custom-made and available for viewing by appointment only.

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