IceLink Floating Diamonds Watch

IceLink Floating Diamonds Watch

Show off your bling while keeping time in several different time zones all in one stunning timepiece…

Watchmaker Icelink has unveiled a new concept of watches displaying multiple time zones in a single high-end watch.  The Presidential Collection can be customized with different face materials such as 18K rose or white gold and different bands including metal, crocodile leather and more.  Some styles feature diamonds encrusted on the face of the watch, while others feature multicolored jewels in each of the six time slots.  In addition, the watch can be configured with either six different timezones, or four timezones and a “snow zone” which consists of a clear liquid with floating diamonds in one of the six slots, as well as a calendar feature in the remaining slot.

The Icelink watch shown above retails for $54,500.

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