Luxury Iphone 5 Cases

Luxury Iphone 5 Cases

The much awaited Iphone 5 finally came out last month. Depending on how many gigs you bought you could have spen anywhere from $200 to $ $400. While the phone may seem a little pricey, imagine spending $100,000 on a case for it.

If you have an Iphone 5 and fortune to spend, this is the case for you. The gold sapphire luxury case is made by the Natural Sapphire Company. It’s the case for the consumer who wants to stand out. The case itself is made out of white gold, for someone like me having a gold case for my iphone would be luxury enough. This case is not only made of gold, but encrusted with 2830 blue ceylon sapphires totaling almost 170 carats. If you’re afraid that this case like most cases covers the Apple logo, don’t worry on the back of the case is the apple logo made from 38 rubies for a total of 2.28 carats, and one green marquise-cut sapphire for the Apple’s leaf.

The company press release makes a valid point as to why you not only should consider, but need to purchase this one of a kind case. Take a look below.

“The industry predicts that Apple will sell an estimated 45 Million iPhone 5 units by this coming Holiday season, so though you may be the “cool one” who gets it first, in no short amount of time you will be just another iPhone 5 owner, just like any of the other 44,999,999 owners. So even though the excitement of this new iPhone will last, well, maybe a few months – let The Natural Sapphire Company make your excitement last forever.”

Sad things is that in the last 3 years Apple has come out with 3 different phones. Given that informations I highly doubt the excitement of spending $100,000 on an iphone case will last forever.

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