Trio Wedding Ring Sets

Trio Wedding Ring Sets

On your special day, you want to feel pampered and treated like a king or queen. It seems that when weddings are concerned, no expense will be spared and sheer luxury is all that is required. However, a quick glance at your bank account and you quickly realize that money if flying out the door at a scary pace. How do you cut back on the spending while still pampering yourself on this one event? The answer is easier than you think.

My Trio Rings offers factory direct pricing on hundred of beautiful wedding ring sets. You will be amazed by their low prices, but price isn’t all that matters so they focus on rings that have the highest quality in fit and finish. All our rings are made of genuine gold and are guaranteed to be the stated purity. You can be sure that our rings are not “gold plated” or “gold filled”. We following strict gold guidelines as provided by Federal Trade Commission. Forget about blood diamonds. All of their diamonds are guaranteed to be from legitimate sources and in compliance with United Nations resolution.

You can rest assured that when you buy from My Trio Rings you’re getting the highest quality craftsmanship and their warranty, satisfaction guarantee, price match, and free shipping make buying from them a no-brainer.

  • Simon G

    If there is one thing that every groom-to-be should look for when he buys his first engagement ring, it’s to plan ahead for what the wedding ring will look like as well! Buying sets is obviously the easiest way to synchronize the two, but you can pick two similar rings (ie a white gold engagement ring & a white gold wedding ring) to pair together on the bride’s ring finger as well. In either case, gentlemen… Plan ahead!

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