Versace V Line Necklace

Versace V Line Necklace

Versace launches a V Line Necklace. It’s an example of the simplicity and elegance. Versace V line necklace is made of 18k yellow gold featuring ball chain that slides through a signature V charm.

This classy made in Italy piece of jewelry should be around every girl’s neck! Gift box included. Price: £1008.31. Available online.


  • Anonymous

    Five years ago I bought my wife a Versace V line pendant neckless. The facing surface is encrusted with diamond chips. I have not seen or heard of a similar necklace since.Has anybody else?

  • suzanne

    I just bought that necklace — diamond v versace necklace — at a jewelry store in St. Thomas this week (Nov. 2010), but when I search online, your post is the only reference that I can find to the necklace.

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