Alexander Amosu Diamond Mont Blanc Pen

Alexander Amosu Diamond Mont Blanc Pen

The cure for your writer’s block may come in the form of a sparkly new pen from Alexander Amosu.

The limited edition Alexander Amosu Diamond Mont Blanc Pen is handmade with 77 diamonds, and feature 0.45 carats of VS, F grade diamonds with a choice of white, black, pink, brown or blue diamonds set into the gold clip.

The pen’s ubiquitous style features an 18k gold nib, platinum inlay and black precious resin cap. With the bespoke diamond encrustation, the pen is not only a global style statement, but also a true gesture of goodwill, helping to raise vital funds for the ACLT Charity (a charity which helps promote bone marrow and blood donation).

The Amosu Mont Blanc is priced at £1500 and only 1000 Amosu Diamond Meisterstück pens will be made, with proceeds going towards charity.

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