G3 Carbon Fiber Briefcase

G3 Carbon Fiber Briefcase

This is not your father’s briefcase.  Made of lightweight carbon fiber, this attaché case combines beauty with confort and functionality to produce the world’s best briefcase.

Now you can impress your clients by showing some style with your briefcase.  The G3 Carbon Fiber Briefcase, designed by Nikola Knezevic, features clean curved lines, symetry, and sex appeal in one of the most lightweight briefcases available.  The carbon fiber design makes this briefcase almost as light as a feather, while keeping it rigid, incredibly stron and resistant to impact.  The ergonomic design with its white or black anodized aluminum finish handle, make this briefcase a smart choice for any executive with style.

While the G3 Carbon Fiber Briefcase can be customized per your needs, the flagship model with all the bells and whistles sells for $3,600.  However, if you need a more luxurious attaché case, and this case looks too modern and contemporary for your style, why not upgrade to the Hermes Carbon Fiber Briefcase which retails for only $16,000?

More Info: BornRich.org
Where to Buy: NikolaDesign.com

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  • That is sweet! I had no idea they made such cool briefcases! We make our own version of a carbon fiber briefcase, but it is soft sided, made out of carbon fiber sailcloth material. We actually make a whole line of bags out of this.

  • carbonfiberhoods

    Ok, I love carbon fiber, but the price tag on some of these carbon fiber products is insane, 13k for a breifcase? When you can get a carbon fiber vented hood for a car for $400USD. That breifcase better be dry carbon and the highest quality for such a demanding price. Also, not the kind of briefcase to be showing off in a 3rd world airport! This reminds me of the outrageous amounts of money women spend on purses, it’s sorta like the same thing except for men in this case.

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