Montblanc Personal Code Ink

Montblanc Personal Code Ink

Luxury pen maker, Montblanc recently launched a personal code ink that features a botanical ingredient which prevents falsification of signatures. Released in Dubai, the incredible ink is comprised of components containing an invisible, inimitable botanical code which is similar to the human DNA code.

The Montblanc Personal Code Ink edition comprises a precious black wooden box and two exclusive Meisterstück writing instruments: the Meisterstück Signature Pen and the Meisterstück Solitaire Barley Rollerball.

“Only one person will own this ink – you,” said Jean Marc Pontrue, Mont Blanc executive vice president for product strategies and development. He added that the ink is “matchless” and as “individual” as a fingerprint making forgeries near impossible. I’m sure the sheiks in Dubai will be happy that their checkbooks are safe.

The authenticity of Personal Code Ink will be verified by Montblanc, upon the presentation of a document, letter or memento bearing the owner’s handwriting. A forensic test will then reliably prove if Personal Code Ink has, indeed, been utilized.


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