Porsche P3110 TecFlex Fountain Pen

Porsche P3110 TecFlex Fountain Pen

In this fast-paced world of Androids and iPads, a true appreciation for fine writing instruments has all but been lost. Luckily, a few enthusiasts out there are keeping the art of fine penmanship alive by designing works of art that are as beautiful as they are functional.

The Porsche P3110 TecFlex Fountain Pen is one of the latest products from the collaboration between Faber-Castell and Porsche Designs. The pen’s body is made out of the same super-durable woven cable sheath of Porsche cars to protect sensitive electrical connections. This sheath creates a holographic 3D effect as light bounces off of it when turned.

The pen almost 57 grams, so it has a nice weighty feel in your hand. It comes in a crisp black textured cardboard box that conveys a sense of modern aesthetics. The barrel responds pressure from your fingers, which assures a pleasant grip.

This fountain pen retails for $364 US and makes a great gift for the Porsche-enthusiast that has it all.

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