Most Expensive Aquarium Fish

Most Expensive Aquarium Fish

Fish can be expensive pets, but tens of thousands of dollars for a fish is absolutely ridiculous.

The Arowana Aquarium Fish is world’s most expensive aquarium fish. Arowana command a high price with some even being “tagged” with an ID chip to prove authenticity. The fish is an Osteoglossum species from South America, rather than the usual Scleropages from Asia, and is owned by Singapore-based Dragon fish breeder Aro Dynasty. This mutant is virtually white with virtually no other colors present, not even on the dorsal surface. The fish measures around 40cm/15″ in length, and looks stunning.

The fish’s right eye is starting to look downwards. This is a common problem with arowanas and in fact many keepers are paying for cosmetic surgery for their prized arowanas. Most expensive equarium fish was recently offered for sale to prospective buyers by a UK arowana importer for more than £200,000. It confirmed that it turned down $80,000 for the fish a few years ago.


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