Episode 10 – Universe of Luxury

Episode 10 – Universe of Luxury

Thinking about vacationing by the ocean, why not do it on the ocean floor instead?  While you’re there you may want to take the most sophisticated dive computer with you.  Also hear about the world’s most expensive sushi roll and a $300,000 watch that can’t tell time.  All this and much more on this week’s dive into the Universe of Luxury.

INTRO MUSIC – “Close Curtains on a Sunny Day” from “The Way We Were EP” by Fabrizio Cacciamali

Introductory Comments

MUSIC – “Electronic Unit Plug” from “Electronic Unit Plug” by Rauschwerk

Peraves MonoTracer Jet Bike

MUSIC – (Previous Track Continued)

$1,000 Sushi Roll

MUSIC – “Red Cabaret” from “Tigre” by Tovar

LG Champaign Flute Home Cinema System

MUSIC – (Previous Track Continued)

$300,000 Watch That Can’t Tell Time

MUSIC – “Indicant” from “Indicant” by “Indicant”

Vacation On The Ocean Floor

MUSIC – “The View From Nothing” from “Volumetric” by Elan

Most Expensive Surf Board

MUSIC – (Previous Track Continued)

Sea Instrument – The Most Sophisticated Dive Computer

OUTRO MUSIC – “Casa Lomita” from “Mammals On The Brink (Mixed CD)” by Timonkey

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