Episode 11 – Universe of Luxury Mother’s Day Special

Episode 11 – Universe of Luxury Mother’s Day Special

Getting a the perfect gift for the person who gave you life is serious business.  This Special Mother’s Day Episode of Universe of Luxury makes your task this week a little less daunting with some suggestions from the ridiculously extravagant to the luxurious yet affordable.

INTRO MUSIC – “Fractal Elf” from “Space Case” by Heyoka

Introductory Comments

MUSIC – “U.g.uo.aaaahhhhh” from “Zeppelin 3” by Pink Skull

Candle Trousseau Gift Set

MUSIC – “Jackie Junior” from “Remix Romance Vol. 1” by Sally Shapiro, Junior Boys

French Whole Winter Black Truffles

MUSIC – (Previous Track Continued)

La Cornue Château Cooker

MUSIC – “Extacy” from “Holi’De'” by Mr. De’

Chanel Camélia Ajouré Collection

MUSIC – “Red Cabaret” from “Tigre” by Tovar

Petrossian Gifts

MUSIC – “Air Currents” from “Air Currents” by The New Rochelle Rotary Club

Spa Treatment Gift Certificates

MUSIC – “Smoke and Mirrors” from “Adage of Known” by JDSY

Million Dollar Fishing Lure

OUTRO MUSIC – “Um Passo” from “Sr Mandril” by Sr Mandril

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