Episode 12 – Universe of Luxury

Episode 12 – Universe of Luxury

This week, spruce up your private jet with lighting controls and custom interiors.  Would you spend over 4 grand on something rock guitarists regularly throw away?  The world’s most expensive toilet, and a throne fit for a king, but made for your bathroom.  All that and more on Episode 12 of Universe of Luxury…

INTRO MUSIC – “When I Return To The World” from “When I Return To The World” by Lorraine

Customize Your Private Jet

MUSIC – “Over & Under” from “Over & Under” by Natalie Walker

Swizöl Devine Car Wax

MUSIC – “Served Cold” from “Inside Man EP” by Operon

Toto Neorest 600 Luxury Toilet

MUSIC – “Lost In Spacetron” from “Lost In Spacetron” by Marco Clori

Most Expensive Sundae

MUSIC – “Adschied Von Der Sonne” from “Nordland” by Apoptose

Most Expensive Guitar Pick

MUSIC – (Previous Track Continued)

Sound-e-Motion M10-20 BF

MUSIC – “From Silverlake” from “Ibiza Sax Cafe'” by York and Noemi

Robotic Golf Caddy

OUTRO MUSIC – “Ruling” from “Osborne” by Osborne

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