Episode 4 – Universe of Luxury

Episode 4 – Universe of Luxury

In this episode of the Universe of Luxury, we cover the extravagant world of diamonds. From a 72 carat diamond auction, to a diamond encrusted credit card, to million dollar diamond rims for your car, the clear jewel shines brightly in this episode…

INTRO MUSIC BY – “Playground Do Brazil” from “Wild Tapes From Bahia & Playground Do Brazil”

Civet Coffee: World’s Most Expensive Coffee

MUSIC BY – (Previous Track Continued)

AlternaTEN: Most Expensive Shampoo

MUSIC BY – “To Have a Crush” from “The Quiet Trial”

72 Carat Diamond For Sale

MUSIC BY – “Await Rescue” from “One Time For All Time”

IceLink Floating Diamonds Watch

MUSIC BY – “Ghost Hardware” from “Untrue”

Icelink Rims: Diamond Covered Wheels

MUSIC BY – “Neighborhoods” from “Asa Breed Black Edition”

Urwerk Watches: Floating Satellite Watch

MUSIC BY – “Tomahna” from “Circuit Breaker: Rewired”

Diamond-Studded Credit Card

MUSIC BY – (Previous Track Continued)

American Express Black Card

OUTRO MUSIC BY – “Roll Your Own” from “Circuit Breaker: Rewired”

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