Episode 5 – Universe of Luxury

Episode 5 – Universe of Luxury

In this episode of the Universe of Luxury, we offer some great suggestions to try and turn your home into a castle. With everything from magically appearing pools, to a kitchen by car maker Porsche, this episode is sure to make you homesick…

INTRO MUSIC BY – Last Time by Alex Armes

Flying Saucer Home for Sale

MUSIC BY – Final Lap by Je Deviens DJ En 3 Jours

Vertical Edge Seating System

MUSIC BY – Arc by Fcs North

Movable Swimming Pool Floors

MUSIC BY – Haute Emp by Fcs North

The Porsche of Kitchens

MUSIC BY – (Previous Track Continued)

Gold-Plated Juicer

MUSIC BY – Out Circuit Ending by Frodus

Kohler Riverbath Quadrangle Bath Whirlpool

MUSIC BY – Fish & Chips by The Promises Power

Mini Edition FUZE Home Media System

MUSIC BY – Captain Banana by Fcs North

Aeon Speira Radiator

OUTRO MUSIC BY – Aquavitae by Chef Menteur

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