Episode 6 – Universe of Luxury

Episode 6 – Universe of Luxury

The World’s Most Expensive iPod is in this episode! Plus, lots of other cool gadgets and electronic toys. If you’re a techie, listen to this…

INTRO MUSIC BY – “Stay With Me” by Chris Wilson

Introductory Comments

MUSIC BY – “My Yard” by Double Dan

iDiamond – World’s Most Expensive iPod

MUSIC BY – “Newtown Boogie” by Deepchild

$176,400 Apple iPhone

MUSIC BY – “Crime” by Temposhark

Vertu’s 10th Anniversary Constellation Monogram Collection

MUSIC BY – (Previous Track Continued)

Diamond Encrusted MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth Headset

MUSIC BY – “Friction” by Neurotron

Lamborghini ‘Bello’ Headset

MUSIC BY – “Sweety” by Ripple Effect

Philips HTS8140 Ambisound Soundbar

MUSIC BY – “Serenity” by Ripple Effect

Jamo DMR 70 5.1 DVD Receiver

MUSIC BY – “Wake-Up Time” by Iuengliss

World’s Most Expensive DVD Player

MUSIC BY – “Happiness” by Levan Vs Ekala

Adamant USB Stick

OUTRO MUSIC BY – “Tronic Dub” by Deepchild

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