Episode 7 – Universe of Luxury

Episode 7 – Universe of Luxury

We’ve got a real mix of things this week. Everything from the most outlandish dinner you’ve ever heard of to how to be treated like a celebrity while travelling. Luxury movie theatres where you can sip champagne while watching batman, to the most expensive hood ornament ever made…

INTRO MUSIC BY – “Elephone” by UFO

Introductory Comments

MUSIC BY – “Daddy Disco (Original Mix)” by Sharif D

$300,000 Dinner at Bangkok’s Lebua Hotel

MUSIC BY – (Previous Track Continued)

Almas Caviar – The World’s Best Caviar

MUSIC BY – “New Pleasure” by Husley & Gunz

Luxury Cinema: Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas

MUSIC BY – “Free Tibet Remixed” by Blue Tribe

Full Moon Sideboard by Sotirios Papadopoulos

MUSIC BY – “Ending the Past” by Crunkbucket

Better Than First Class: How to Get Treated Like a Celebrity in Airports

MUSIC BY – (Previous Track Continued)

Build Your Own Custom Ferrari

MUSIC BY – “Glass Souls (Original Mix)” by Liquid Nations

Rolls-Royce Diamond Hood Ornament

MUSIC BY – “Air Currents (Part One)” by The New Rochelle Rotary Club

Olive OPUS No. 4 Music Server

OUTRO MUSIC BY – “Lamaset (DJ Oud Remix)” by Jef Stott

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