Episode 8 – Universe of Luxury

Episode 8 – Universe of Luxury

This week we show you a green yacht, no it’s actually white, but it is environmentally friendly. We got TV’s powered by lasers on the way, and Vodka made from a cow’s milk. And if that’s not enough we’ll show you how to remain luxurious even if the end of the world is coming. All that and more…

INTRO MUSIC BY – “Bougaloo” from “Bougaloo Dub” by Marco da Mata & Elle

Introductory Comments

MUSIC BY – “Between Sky and Sea” from “Mid/Air” by Dive Index, Natalie Walker

Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser TVs

MUSIC BY – “After B4” from “Future Memories” by Mauxuam

Eco-Friendly Sabdes 50M Superyacht

MUSIC BY – “D-Gen-06180339887” from “Music From the Clear Channel” by Xurba

How the Super-Rich Buy Homes

MUSIC BY – “Lado Este” from “ESL: The Original Soundtrack” by Sara Valenzuela

Private Jet Timeshare

MUSIC BY – “Whatever Floats Your Boat” from “6 Moons Ago EP” by Spleen

Designer Gas Masks

MUSIC BY – (Previous Track Continued)

Cody Bradon Cufflinks

MUSIC BY – “Cant Force the Hand” from “Goodbye to Everything You Love” by Steward

Cow’s Milk Vodka

OUTRO MUSIC BY – “Farligt Monster” from “Farligt Monster” by Analogik

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