Episode 9 – Universe of Luxury

Episode 9 – Universe of Luxury

We travel to the Arabian Desert this week to hear about some of the amazing wonders being build in Dubai.  Also, would you pay $16 grand for a Blue Ray Player?  If so, you’ll need an Armani TV to go with it.  We’ll tell you about all that while sipping a martini made from a $1 million dollar bottle of Vodka.  All this and more as we blast off through the Universe of Luxury.

INTRO MUSIC BY – “Moments Of Inertia” from “Lautstark” by Tonrausch

72.22 carat Diamond Fails to Sell at Auction

MUSIC BY – (Previous Track Continued)

World’s Most Expensive Vodka

MUSIC BY – “Le Cauchemar” from “Loma De Las Cometas” by The Beta-Resercyclic Acid

Veuve Clicquot Globalight Champagne Cooler

MUSIC BY – “Perfection 5” from “The Gizzle” by Toast Burglar, Maxime Cescau

Most Expensive Blu-Ray Player

MUSIC BY – “Catholic Hallway” from “New Travel” by 15 Degrees Below Zero

Samsung & Armani LCD TV

MUSIC BY – “Soulfull” from “Don’t Bogart Vol.1 (2004-2007)” by Don’t Bogart

Trump Tower in Vegas Officially Opens

MUSIC BY – “Chu-Gus” from “The Gizzle” by Toast Burglar, Lucy Larner

Trump Tower Dubai

MUSIC BY – “solace (chicago)” from “FINAL LP 2002-2005” by Tafich

National Geographic Channel’s “Incredible Islands: Dubai”

MUSIC BY – “Segue 3” from “New Life” by James Bernard

Most Expensive Camel

OUTRO MUSIC BY – “Mumtaz” from “Traveler ’06” by Bombay Dub Orchestra

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