Callaway FT-iQ Driver

Callaway FT-iQ Driver

You can’t be totally filthy rich and not play golf.  I believe that’s just part of the rules.  However, even if your swing is a little rusty you still have the cash to get nothing but the best in equipment.

The new & sleek FT-iQ Driver by Callaway Golf is just that.  Composed of a titanium face, a carbon-fiber body and an aluminum back cradle fitted with internal weights, the club is designed to launch the ball higher and with less backspin than previous models. A high launch angle and a low spin rate combine to generate optimum carry given a player’s swing speed.

This tapered square-shaped driver really ads style to your game. Its angular aerodynamics were inspired by the coolly low-slung Lamborghini Reventón.

Another selling point of the FT-iQ is its promise of straighter shots thanks to an extremely high moment of inertia, the clubhead’s resistance to closing at impact. The technology of the clubhead is augmented by a super premium Fubuki shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon, one of the finest shaft-makers in the game. Fans of Callaway’s recent drivers will recognize the club’s rather muted sound at impact, much softer than the thwack of many titanium models.

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